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Heart Chakra Meditation

What is a Heart Chakra Meditation?

THE HEART CHAKRA meditation is a proven exercise based on the Sufi tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago. It is an especially simple breath and movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension, allowing the energy of the heart to flow freely again. The heart chakra is the medium to all other chakras.

When the heart chakra is open, all energies can flow freely. There are no inner blockades and man feels deeply united with himself and all other creations. Man feels sheltered and radiates warmth, satisfaction and heartiness. Man loves for the sake of love.

But if you think you have inner blockades, you will tend to feel rather weak even easily hurt, and you are apt to close up because of your fear of being rejected. In this state you cannot or will not want to participate in the flow of natural life.

Connected to the heart chakra are all varieties of green, similar to what nature offers, as vell as a very tender pink. Corresponding with these colours, all green and pink precious stones are valued for their harmonising effect like emerald, jade and rose quartz.


What are Chakras?

Chakras are actual energy centers of the body as perceived by the Indians and many other cultures. Their vibrations influence all levels of being like the body, the spirit, the soul andeven very sensitive physical areas.

It is said that there are seven chakras, which are located along the spine of the human body. They are the passages through which all cosmic energy flows and their dynamics influence all our activities.

Why Chakra Meditation?

There are many reasons why the functions of one or more chakras can be disarranged. Overwork, stress, emotional pressurea and all kind of psychological hurts are some of the probable causes.

Of course, there are many healing methods to act upon the energy centers, but the connection of breath and movement exercises, like for example with the HEART CHAKRA meditation are among the most sucessful methods.

In preparation it will be helpful, if you first read the instructions a few times before you start and also practice the movements without the accompaniment of the music.


Instructions for the

Stimulated by the rhythm of sensitive music, the body can easily execute a breath exercise of three stages of seven minutes each. The movements go in all four directions of north, south, east, west, smoothly reconnecting the individual´s energy into a closed circle. It is the unification of the four elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR which create a harmonious ´belonging together´ feeling for body and soul.

Before commencing the meditation we must first quietly prepare ouselves and our environment. We also have to make sure that all technical necessities for listening to the music are in functioning order so that our rhythm will not be interrupted later.

The basic bearing for all parts of the exercises

Stand in a relaxed position with eyes opened in a place where it is warm and comfortable. Lay both hands on the heart chakra (mid-point of the chest, illus. 2). Feel the rhythm of the heartbeat, and breath in a relaxed fashion. Fresh energy will stream in. By breathing out, the old used energy will be pushed out. The circle of giving and taking begins.


1. Phase “NORTH” – 7 minutes

Before the melody starts listen very carefully to the initial four breathing examples. When the actual melody begins, imitate this style of breathing. Exhale strongly and at the same time stretch the right arm and the right leg forward and back to the basic position (illus. 4). Move in rhythm with the music. The inner side of the hand should face outwards – a symbol of pushing away the old energy out of the body (illus. 3).

Please, do not move forward! Try to remain on the same spot, rooted to the ground.

When breathing in, return the arm and leg to the basic position. Both hands again laying on the heart chakra. Remain in the upright position and relax. (illus. 2).

With the next exhalation make the same movement with the left arm and the left leg (illus. 5). The speed of inhaling and exhaling follows the rhythm of the music. At the end of each phase, the music gets progressively faster. Finnaly each phase ends with a gentle sound of a bell.


With every exhalation and inhalation, we change the moving positions of our extremities as follows:
1. to forward right and forward left (NORTH)
2. to sideward right and sideward left (EAST + WEST)
3. to back right and back left (SOUTH)

2. Phase “EAST + WEST” – 7 minutes

Again listen to the initial four counts of breathing. This exercise is similar to the one described in phase 1, but instead of stretching forward, we now stretch sideward. When the music starts we first stretch our right arm and our right leg to the right (EAST) and by the next exhalation we do the same but on the left side (WEST). Remain in the basic position and just turn the upper part of the body slightly in the corresponding direction (illus. 6 +7).

3. Phase “SOUTH” – 7 minutes

Phase 3 in principle is like phase 1 and 2, only in this case you have to turn the upper part of your body back as far as possible. By breathing out, the upper body, face, right arm and right leg have first to turn right and stretch back while the left leg remains standing facing front (illus. 8), subsequently returning to the basic position when breathing in (illus. 2).


Repeat the procedure but now with the left side while the right leg remains standing facing front (illus. 9)

4. Phase “CIRCLE” – 7 minutes

In this phase all 3 exercises that have been previously made now come together in a flowing sequence, and here is where we reach the high point of our energising meditation.

Final Phase – music

After completing this meditation, sit or lay down very relaxed and lower the body rhythm with harmonious quiet music. If you wish to continue to relax in total silence, please switch off the player after this music.

You can however also surrender to the magic of Tibetan sounds and dive into the eternity of sound and silence.


1: Phase “North” 6:19
2: Phase “East & West” 6:21
3: Phase “South” 6:18
4: Phase “Circle” 7:48
5: The inner temple 5:48
6: Tibetan Sound Bowls 15:36

Total time: 48:33 min.


Anatolii said...

Thank you for the instruction but I didn't find illustrations.

Oscar said...

hi sidharta!
thank you very much for the info
last summer I practice this metidation and was very helpful

I will like to ask u if u know where to find good music for this meditation've

Dr.Prashant said...

u can find the music on u-tube
"heart chakra meditation" by karunesh

Love said...

Thank you Siddhartha for all this info.
I often lead workshops with this wonderful meditation and have got sooo much good feedback from my class.
To you others: You can buy the Cd with this awesome music and all the info Siddhartha describe will be in it.
KARUNESH have made this wonderful music of "Heart Chakra Meditation"

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Here is the link for the instructions -

Samarth said...

Here is the link for the instructions -

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thank you so much beloved Sidharta. Many Peace blessings on your path. HUG you in LOVE and gratitude.

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